Saturday, April 9, 2011

TAI: Northern Virginia, Rush Hour (Example)

Want to help finding places you can get to via rush hour using transit? Here is one of our earliest demonstrations of the wide variance in accessibility that exists. (More below.)

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This map offers an example of the differences in transit accessibility in Northern Virginia (NoVa) during rush hour, 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

The most accessible location shown is located at or near the Rosslyn WMATA rail station. During rush hour, the Transit Accessibility Index (TAI) is 1.0, meaning that one can expect to travel two and from this location by public transit in the same amount of time as by private vehicle. Venues within the blue circle, within 0.9 miles of the station, have a TAI of 1.5.

While transit accessibility around WMATA rail stations is always good, locations served by buses may have good accessibility scores as well. The bus terminus at Tysons Corner Shopping Center produces a TAI of 1.9.

While the Arlington County DHS is also served by buses, it isn't a terminus, and as a result, its TAI score is 2.2.

The least accessible location in illustration is the Hilton Springfield, with a TAI of 2.5.

- Stuart M. Whitaker