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How? By supporting public transit!
Too many businesses and organizations are difficult or impossible to get to by public transit, so many people choose to drive to these locations, or decide not to go there at all. Our Transit Accessibility Index (TAI) is an objective measure of the accessibility of specific locations by public transit versus private vehicle.

Here's how our TAI can help you:

- as an individual who wants to find a convenient place to live, to shop, to work, to play, to worship, or to do anything else, our TAI will help you find convenient venues! HELP ME FIND ACCESSIBLE PLACES TO LIVE AND PLAY

- as an individual responsible for meeting planning, our TAI will help you select locations that will be easier for your attendees to get to, reducing their time, expense, and increasing meeting participation! HELP ME FIND ACCESSIBLE MEETING LOCATIONS

- as an individual with responsibility for a business or non-profit organization that is presently located in a transit accessible location, you can use your TAI score to advertise how accessible you are! HELP ME ADVERTISE MY ACCESSIBLE LOCATION

- as an individual responsible for site selection, our TAI score will help you make more informed decisions that take the transportation needs and costs of your employees, customers, members, and other constituents into consideration! HELP ME WITH ACCESSIBLE SITE SELECTION

To find out more, click on the tabs above. We'll be providing more tools and resources in the future. In the meantime, post a comment or CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS.